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Author Topic: instructions for chefmate breadmaker  (Read 55891 times)
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« on: October 13, 2006, 06:07:47 PM »

subject: instructions for chefmate breadmaker
from: kim wooten
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looking for the instruction manuel on how to use a chefmate breadmaker

subject: Chef Mate hb215
from: Devon Cotterman
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I have a similar problem. Did you receive any responses?

Devon and Becky

from: Nancy
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« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2006, 11:27:44 PM »

I just bought a copy for myself from a woman on eBay. It's for the model HB-215 - Here is the item number: 180051170628 and the seller is engineering-mom
Hope this helps.

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« Reply #2 on: February 25, 2007, 02:02:48 AM »


I also have this machine but could not find the manual. Do you know just how to get it started ?

Thank you.

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« Reply #3 on: September 24, 2007, 03:21:49 AM »

Chefmate Bakery Oven Model HB-215
  • Standard 1.5 lb normal crust: Bakes a 1.5 lb basic loaf of bread in 2 hrs 30 min.
  • Standard 1.5 lb dark crust: Bakes 5 min longer.
  • Standard 1 lb normal: Bakes a 1 lb basic loaf of bread in 2 hrs 20 min. No “dark” option.
  • French mode: Bakes a French loaf of bread (salty taste) in 3 hrs 40 min.
  • Sweet mode: Bakes a sweet flavor loaf which tastes like a butter roll in 3 hrs 40 min.
  • Dough mode: Use this mode for making dough for rolls, croissants, doughnuts, etc., which you want to bake in your conventional oven. Prepares dough in 1 hr 20 min.

Control Panel: (when pressing a control button, be sure to hold it down until you hear a “Beeping” sound indicating contact has been made.
  • Display: Shows the time remaining until a mode is completed. Can also display timer setting or mode selected.
  • Select button: Push to select mode: Cycles through modes in following  order:
          Normal 1.5lb -> Dark 1.5 lb -> 1 lb -> French -> Sweet -> Dough
  • Start button: Push to start processing the mode selected.
  • Stop button: (press for one second to take effect)
    Push to turn off power after baking is completed or to reset the mode or timer.
    If used after a mode is started, it will stop it.
  • Timer set buttons: Up arrow: advances timer setting 10 min each time pressed.
       Down arrow: sets timer setting back 10 min each time pressed.

Ingredient Information
  • Flour – Use flour that is marked “bread flour” or “better for bread”. (These will usually be labeled as having more gluten than regular flour.)
  • Dry Skim Milk – This enhances the flavor and adds to the nutrition of the bread.
  • Butter – Butter adds a rich flavor to the bread and makes it soft.
  • Dry Yeast – Yeast is necessary for causing the dough to rise. Select ready to use yeast which needs no preliminary fermentation. Use only active dry yeast. Don’t use 50% faster dry yeast.
  • Sugar – Sugar speeds up the dough rising process, adds flavor, and makes the bread soft and the crust brown.
  • Salt – Salt controls the activity of the yeast and makes the dough firm.
  • Water – Gluten is formed when flour is mixed with water. This allows the dough to rise by retaining air. The amount of water and its temperature are very important. Usually, the water temperature should be between 68 F/20 C and 77 F/25 C. When the room temperature is over 82 F/ 26C, use cold water (about 41 F/5 C). When the room temperature is under 50 F/10 C, use lukewarm water (about 100 F/38 C).

Operating Instructions

Baking a standard loaf of bread using Standard Mode.

Ingredients      for 1 lb loaf         for 1.5 lb loaf
Water         7 ½ ounces (210ml)      9 ½ ounces (270ml)
Bread Flour      2 1/3 cups         3 cups
Dry Skim Milk   ½ tablespoon         1 tablespoon
Sugar         1 tablespoon         1 ½ tablespoons
Salt         1 teaspoon         1 ½ teaspoons
Butter         1 tablespoon         1 ½ tablespoons
Dry Yeast      1 ½ teaspoon         1 ¾ teaspoons

1.   Open the lid and remove the bread case (hold both sides of handle and turn counterclockwise.
2.   Position the kneading blade on the drive shaft. (remove any crumbs from drive shaft.)
3.   Place ingredients into the bread case. Add ingredients in the following order:
   Pour in the proper amount of water.
   Add the flour, sugar, salt, butter, and dry skim milk – in that order.
   Place the dry yeast on the center of the flour.

Note: When using the timer, make a hollow depression in the mound of flour and pour the dry yeast into it. Do not let the yeast touch the water or the dough may not rise properly.

4.   Place the bread case into the body of the baker. Turn clockwise to lock
5.   Close the lid.
6.   Plug in to outlet. (after being plugged in the number “0 00” will flash in the display.
7.   Set the standard mode. Press the select button to set the mode to Normal, Dark, or 1 lb, depending on your preference and the amounts of ingredients used.
8.   Start. Press the START button. The time readout in the display will begin counting down the minutes from the amount of time required for the mode you have selected.
   Steam may rise from the vent on the back of the lid during operation.
   When baking is finished, the buzzer will sound three times and the display will read “0 00”
9.   Removing the bread case. When the buzzer stops, press the STOP button and open the lid of the baker. ( The heater in the unit will keep operating to keep the bread warm for a while after baking is complete. When removing the bread case, always be sure to press the STOP button to turn off the heater.) Using the handle and oven mitts, remove the bread case. The handle and bread case will be very hot. Do not place the heated bread case on the body of the baker, table cloth, or plastic surfaces.
10.   Removing the bread from the bread case.
   Using oven mitts, turn the bread case upside down and gently shake it to remove the bread. The surface of the bread case is slippery, so be sure you have a firm grip.
   If the bread can not be easily removed, turn the drive shaft on the bottom  in both directions so loosen the bread.
   Place the bread on a wire rack or similar surface to cool.
Note:  when baking is completed, remove the bread as soon as possible. If left in the case for a long period of time, its surface will become sticky and the flavor will be lost. If the kneading blade comes out with the bread, use a plastic or wooden utensil to remove it. CAUTION: it will be hot.
11.   Remove the plug from the outlet.

Baking a French loaf of bread using the French mode
Follow the above instructions, except select French mode in step 7 and use the following ingredients in the order shown:
   Water      9 ½ ounces (270ml)
   Bread Flour   3 cups
   Sugar      1 ½ teaspoons
   Salt      1 ½ teaspoons
   Butter      1 ½ tablespoons
   Dry yeast   1 ¾ teaspoons

Baking a sweet flavor loaf of bread using the Sweet Mode
As above, but select Sweet Mode in step 7 and use the following ingredients in the order shown:
   Water          7 ounces (200ml)
   Egg (medium size)   1
   All Purpose Flour   ½ cup
   Bread Flour      2 1/3 cup
   Dry Skim Milk   2 tablespoons
   Sugar         2 tablespoons
   Salt         1 ½ teaspoons
   Butter         3 tablespoons
   Dry Yeast      1 ½ teaspoons

How to use the timer.   (The timer function cannot be used with Sweet or Dough modes)

The timer extends the time from pressing START until the baking completes.
1.   Place all ingredients into the unit and plug it in.
2.   Select the desired mode
3.   Press up arrow once. The normal time for that mode will be displayed: 2:30 for a standard loaf.
4.   Keep pressing up arrow (or down arrow) until the desired time to completion is displayed.
5.   Press the START button to start the delayed timing.

Preparing a dough for handmade bread using the Dough mode.

1.   Follow steps 1 through 6 for standard loaf. Select Dough mode in step 7.
2.   Press START to begin the dough making process. It will take 1 hr 20 min. The display will show the time remaining.
3.   The buzzer will sound 3 times to let you know the dough is ready. Take it out and shape it as you wish for baking in a conventional oven.
4.   Unplug from outlet.
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« Reply #4 on: September 24, 2007, 02:30:21 PM »

Chef Mate - Models HB12W, HB215 and CM725 only!
Bell Electronics
16918 Gramercy Place
Gardena, CA 90247
(800) 858-3277
(310) 352-4609

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« Reply #5 on: August 19, 2009, 05:47:42 PM »

You don't need the manual if you read the excellent instructions at the following website about using a bread machine when you don't have the manual. It even includes great recipes. And you can find many more recipes if you search online. That's what I did, and I've been making bread ever since. It's easy. By the way, the Chefmate 725k holds 16 cups of water which means that it should make a 2.5 lb loaf of bread.
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« Reply #6 on: September 07, 2009, 07:13:02 PM »

Chef Mate - Models HB12W, HB215 and CM725 only!
Bell Electronics
16918 Gramercy Place
Gardena, CA 90247
(800) 858-3277
(310) 352-4609
Chef Mate - Models HB12W, HB215 and CM725 only!
Bell Electronics
16918 Gramercy Place
Gardena, CA 90247
(800) 858-3277
(310) 352-4609
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