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"Our Winningest Wineries of 1998"

  by Fred McMillin


Napa Ridge About 500 wineries were represented in our 1998 tastings. Only eight won three or more times in our twice-a-month picks in the various price catagories. So here are our winningest wineries of the year in alphabetical order...each is a label to remember when selecting a wine that will taste good the day you purchase it.


Winery   Typical Prices
David Bruce   $20—$30
Glen Ellen   $6
Napa Ridge (pictured)   $10
Rosemount (Australia)   $10—$40
Rosenblum   $15—$28
Shenandoah (Sobon)   $10—$20
Steele   $15—$30
ZD   $20—$35

Note: The least expensive of the winning wines made by the above wineries were the $6 Glen Ellen Chardonnay and Zinfandel. The most expensive was the Rosemount Balmoral Syrah at $40. | WineDay | Annex  

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